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Collins Custom Interiors is experienced in various aspects of upholstery services including Boat Upholstery, Auto Upholstery, RV Upholstery, Motorcycle Upholstery, Residential Upholstery, Commercial Upholstery as well as Specialty Upholstery.

Today, one can buy a new chair for $350 and a new couch for $700; for most consumers that is about what they paid for their older pieces purchased 10 to 20 years ago, or longer.

But in perspective, a new car today cost 2 to 3 times compared to the same period and likewise for a home compared to the same period. Then, the obvious question is how can you still buy new furniture for what you did 10 to 20 years ago; and that being true, why would a person want their old furniture reupholstered when it will cost more than they paid for it or to replace it?

These are meaningful questions and facts. Consumers have choice today, but they have to have more than a surface understanding in order to make a Smart Decision about furniture.

To this interest, we need to do some analysis. First, in review, there are major differences in the chair that cost $350, 20 years ago, and the $350 chair today. In a “word” the real issue is QUALITY. But to better understand more regarding the dynamics of this issue, one has to recognize that the emphasis placed on the “bottom line” by corporate management today and the philosophy in the marketing climate that “price sells” has literally driven the quality right out of the popular priced upholstering industry. In fact, every aspect of the new chair, our example, is built to lower standards than the same priced chair of 20 years ago. They consumer isn’t getting the same chair, the only similarities are the price and spelling.

So, if you are contemplating an upholstery purchase, make the Smart Decision to retain the quality of the old pieces by retaining the quality hardwood framing, the better engineered springing and the esthetics (better taste) of the older furniture by having them custom reupholstered. Many have fell victim to the price issue and are regretful of having given up the old world craftsmanship and quality inhibited by the older furniture; which by the way, they may never be able to replace again (it is becoming unaffordable at current manufacturing prices).

So, the next time it becomes time to make a furniture decision, make the Smart Decision to contact us for your upholstery services. We are your local custom upholsterer, here to preserve the quality furniture you smartly bought years ago. Besides, the “quality you save may be yours.”



For over 30 years, Rick Collins has been the leader in restoring beauty back to its original shape through the art of upholstery.