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Why should I reupholster?

If you have an old sofa that is on its last legs, don’t be too quick to just get rid of it. Resourceful homeowners are discovering that many old pieces have a value that you can’t buy today. And they are restoring them through re-upholstery. The economics of upholstery repair works for them too. For dollars and cents it can be a good investment; one of today’s best buys.

The value is in the frame

If your old sofa or chair has a good frame, it is worth re-upholstering. A frame is the essential element in the structure, and if it is solid there’s no point going out and buying a new one. So, what’s a good frame? One that is made of hardwood (oak or maple, for example). Hardwood has longevity. A clue is its weight. Hardwood is heavy. That is why furniture sales people will often lift up one end of a piece of furniture when showing it to a customer. They are demonstrating the frame’s weight.

Most furniture is made of hardwood; however, “bargain” furniture or off-brand name furniture can be cheaply made. If you have purchased this type of furniture in the past, you know what we are talking about. Before you decide to throw out the piece in question, let our experts evaluate it. In most cases we can restructure the main supports and create a structurally sound frame that will last for years.

What types of fabric do you offer?

A significant advantage in reupholstering is fabric selection. Most new furniture dealers offer only a limited number of fabric choices. At our shop, you can choose from a practically panoramic range of colors, textures and styles. With over 400 different sample books, we have over 40,000 samples to choose from! Here you can find just about any fabric at any price, to fit any decor.

Our art

Even the best brand name furniture producers can’t touch our custom quality workmanship. Most top brands are mass produced. Although structurally sound, this kind of production can not match our craftsmen’s attention to detail, and most often the materials used in manufacturing of the product are of lesser quality in order to cut costs. At Collins Custom Interiors we refuse to cut corners in upholstery repair.

Do I have to replace my foam?

Over time, foam deteriorates; so when recovering your furniture it is a good idea to replace your old foam. Sitting low or bottoming out in furniture is often falsely blamed on the springs underneath, however, 90 percent of the time it is because of worn out foam. The condition of your cushions dictates how comfortable your furniture will be. After all, this is where a certain portion of your body, which shall not be named here, spends all of its contact time.

In addition, new foam fills out the cushion cover better than used flattened foam making a tighter, more visually pleasing fit. Whereas most manufacturers of new furniture offer only one type of cushion foam in their products (usually inexpensive or average quality), we offer a wide selection of foam for your furniture. You can choose from ultra soft to ultra firm.

We use only the highest quality supplies

High density foam (any firmness you desire). The best nylon thread and bobbin. Top quality cotton and dacron wrap. Nylon welt cord. Quality materials are only half of it.


8 way hand tie on all coil springs. Vertical stripes on fabric line up. Floral and patterned fabrics match. Cushions fit perfect. Skirts never drag. Customers… always happy!



For over 30 years, Rick Collins has been the leader in restoring beauty back to its original shape through the art of upholstery.